Reports and Graphs

Stay on top of your assets by regularly monitoring graphs and reports for your assets in Asset Infinity. There are lot many graphs & reports available for you, few listed below.

Asset Tracking

  • Asset due for return
  • Status-wise Asset count
  • Movement History
  • Movement Summary
  • Discarded/Sold Assets
  • Pie chart for Status-wise Assets
  • Pie chart for Condition-wise Assets
  • Line chart for Assets Discarded
  • Bar chart for Category/Location-wise Assets
  • Bar chart for Cost of Assets Purchased

Asset Maintenance

  • Activity Expenses Report
  • Activity Status Report
  • Open Schedules Report
  • Bar chart for Cost of Maintenance
  • Bar chart for Activities Completed vs. Pending
  • Bar chart for Location-wise Activity Expenses


  • Stock Report
  • All Transactions
  • Received Inventory Expenses
  • Bar chart for Cost of Inventory Added